Here at Bartlein Barrels, we’re proud of what we do. For us, there’s nothing more rewarding than hearing stories from satisfied customers about the great things they’re doing with our products.

Brian Harder

Brian Harder

Wanted to let you know that I set another service national record with my current bartlein. It is for 20 shots @ 1000 yards, I shot a 200-9X. Thank you for making such great, consistent barrels. That makes two bartleins in a row that I’ve had on my rifle that have broken national records!!

John Myers

John MyersJohn Myers

John Myers attached a few photos of the recent F-class nationals.

I have two more Bartlein 30 cal barrels being built and can’t wait to start testing them. Thank you for building the best barrels!!!

Thank you,
John Myers

Ray Gross

Ray set a new FTR record of 200-16x at the F Class Nationals last week.

Ray GrossRay GrossRay Gross

I just wanted to give you a little update on how one of your barrels performed. Last week I set a new national record in FTR. 200-16x.

We did a little video posts talking about the rifle while we were there.

This was one of the barrels that we bought in January of last year I think. It was an order with four barrels for me and John Droelle.  Mine were the heavy Palma barrels.  We’re driving back for the next couple days, so I don’t have the serial number.

This is been a good summer for me, I did very well up in Canada with my Palma rifle. That’s one of your barrels too and I’ve got over 3000 rounds on it and managed to shoot a couple of perfect, all ‘V’ scores up there as well.


Shirley McGee

Shirley McGee - National recordShirley McGee - Remington Match 2017

Good afternoon! We switched to your barrels and won’t go back! My wife, Shirley, has done exceptionally well, winning the Remington Band of Brothers Match at the nationals at Camp Atterbury this past summer with your barrel chambered in 6SLR. She has numerous National Records, and has been the High Woman at the Long Range Nationals at Camp Perry.

Ian Klemm

I just wanted to reach out and offer my sincere thanks for the impact that you and everyone else at Bartlein had on my competitive shooting experience last year. Last winter, you guys made and sold me a simple 4-groove, 11-twist, .300/.308 barrel that did this:

I can’t thank you guys enough for making the kind of barrels that can do this.

Your friend and customer,

We Don’t Kneel

Pictured left to right: Frank Green, John G. Homatas and Tracy Bartlein
Stock is painted with the American flag – including all 50 stars on it as well!

We Don’t Kneel!

Jim Bauer is the current Mid Range F Open Champion

Jim Bauer is the current Mid Range F Open Champion which was held at LaCrosse just recently. He also won the Lodi Mid West Palma F Open Champion as well.

Wes Rychen

This was 10 rds at 600yds this AM, I am anxious for the 6XC, if it shoots as good as this gun we will have some championship guns. I ran 30.6 Varget, cci 450, Barts 105 RBT touching lands, I don’t know if it gets any better than this.
Thanks for a damn great rifle.

Rifle built by Greg Young at Southern Precision Rifles for Wes Rychen. Build specs. Panda action, McM stock, Bartlein 6mm, .237 8T 5R HV in 6BR 10 rounds fired at 600Y measured around .75″, there is no X remaining on the target.

Greg Young

The photo I sent you was one of your 6mm/7.7tw 4G barrels, I chambered it in 6XC and that was a 3 shot group at 1K .5″ vertical, 2.95 horizontal load verified at 400Y .9″, 600Y 1.8″ and 1000Y 2.95″

Southern Precision Rifles

Australian F Open Team

Front Row: Richard Braund (Head Coach), Marty Lobert (Vice Captain), Adam Pohl, Craig McGowan (Captain), Rod Davies, Michael Waites (Coach). Middle Row: Stephen Lazarus (Coach), Tim Nugent, Peter Carter, Peter Larsen, Brett Bunyan. Rear Row: Ben Ferrara, Josh Reid, Stuart Braund, Dave Dobbson. (Missing from Picture – Lowell Tillack)

Australian F Open Team wins the 2017 FCWC in Canada.

“You will be proud to know that everyone was running Bartlein Barrels and they performed flawlessly, and Rod Davies from Australia, won the Individual World Championships as well, using a Bartlein Barrel. ” -Craig McGowan (Captain)

John Whidden

Two weeks ago I won the big Berger SWN Match 2017 in Phoenix shooting two of your barrels. One on the Palma rifle is the best Palma gun I’ve ever had, and I’ve had some good ones.

The second is a .243 and I missed a tie for the national record by one X. The gun in the picture is my .243 (fresh off just missing the national record tie).

Your barrels are getting better and better. If they improve more I’m not even sure if I can shoot well enough to tell!

Keep up the good work and please spread my thanks to your staff.

John Whidden
Whidden Gunworks

Ken Klemm

I’d like to thank you for your support for NRA’s F Class Program. I was the lucky winner of a custom Bartlein barrel. I was especially pleased because I have been using a Bartlein barrel on my FTR rifle for this entire season. Your excellent product helped me win this year’s Wisconsin Mid Range Championship, Wisconsin Long Range Championship as an Expert and the Mid West Palma Match as an Expert. I was also able to help my team, The North State X-Men, win two silver medals at the U.S. F Class Nationals. I won a gold medal at 600 yards and a bronze at 1000 yards.

I am now looking forward to the South West Nationals where I will once again be competing with an excellent rifle including, of course, a Bartlein barrel. Thanks again.

Much appreciation, Ken Klemm

Brazil F-Class Team

(Left to right) Frank Green, Luis Campos and Mark Buettgen

Luis Campos came with Team Brazil to compete in the 2016 U.S. F Class Championships and won a Gold Medal.

Mark shot his first F-Class match as well and is hooked. Mark, Frank, Jeff and Todd shot the 4 man team match and took a bronze medal on one of the relays. Mark is primarily a short range benchrest shooter and currently holds two world records. 5 shot group at 200 yards .096″ in HV class and LV 5, 5-shot group 100 yards agg. .1426″. Mark started working at Bartlein in Jan. 2016.

Larry Costa

Benchrest Nationals October 2016.

His 4 gun agg. was .2111″ (for 310 rounds fired at 100/200 yards combined for record)

He won the 2 gun, 3 gun and 4 gun

Gene Bucky

Gene Buky won the 2014 Benchrest Nationals and that year he set 4 new world records at the Nationals including 5, 5-shot groups HV 100 yards .134″, 5, 5-shot groups 100/200 yards combined .1688″, 5, 5-shot groups LV 100/200 yards combined .1702″ and Sporter Class combined 100/200 yards .1777″

Tom Helak

Tom Helak from Gillette has won the Wyoming State Service Rifle mid range championship (600 yd. prone slow fire) for the past three consecutive years (2014, 15, & 16). To accomplish this excellence in marksmanship he uses a Bartlein Gain Twist (1:13″ X 1:6.5″) barrel and 90 gr. Berger Match Boat Tail bullets. He also earned his gold #2261 Distinguished Rifleman Badge shooting the same equipment.

Chou Brothers Top F-TR Field at Canadian Championships 2016

Thanks to everyone at Bartlein barrels for making the best, most uniform, precise and accurate barrels in the world. Bartlein barrels provide the accuracy we require for championship winning performances. The accuracy of Bartlein barrels easily surpasses the level of precision we demand and instills the confidence in our equipment and performance.Will and Kevin Chou

Team Berger

Left to right – Dan Biggs, Larry Bartholome, Don Nagel (acting Team Captain), Mid Tompkins (coach), Jim Murphy and Bob Bock.

Team Berger, Bartlein, SEB (aka “the old geezers”), won the F-Open 1,000 yard team championships at the 2016 NRA F-Class Long Range Championships in Lodi, WI with an aggregate score of 1574-65x. All members were shooting Bartlein barrels. While doing so the team set a pending 1,000 yard Grand Senior record 80 shot of 789-38x. The Team already holds the Senior record with a 787-33x.

The Team also set a new 600 yard Gran Senior record during the 2016 NRA Mid-Range Championships of 779-34x. With this record the Team now holds the Open, Civilian, Senior (800-52x) and Gran Senior records at 600 yards.

Don Nagel is the only team member under 70. The others have an average age of 74 years.

Jade Delcambre

Here’s the picture that Nightforce took at Ben Avery in Phoenix at the F Class Nationals last year. This was 200-13X and broke the previous National record held by Derek Rogers (200-12X) but Derek shot (200-14X) and broke my record a few months ago in Raton New Mexico at a match. I also tied the 600 yard National FTR record a few weeks ago at the Louisiana Championship (200-16X).

Denise Loring

Retired Colonel Denise Loring (former member of the All Army Reserve Service Rifle Team) from Manassas, VA is shown on the awards stage at Camp Perry in late July. She won the High Woman award in the National Trophy Individual Match during the CMP National Service Rifle Championships using a rifle with a Bartlein Gain Twist barrel. Denise shot 90 gr. Berger Match Boat Tail bullets at the 600 yd. line. For her marksmanship accomplishment her gunsmith, Joe Carlos, donated a new Bartlein Gain Twist Barrel which was presented to her on stage along with her award plaque.

Earlier in the summer Ms. Loring also won the Virginia State Service Rifle Match using the same combination of Bartlein Gain Twist barrel and 90 gr. Berger Match Boat Tail bullets. She is a member of the Camp Valor Outdoors Shooting Team. Camp Valor Outdoors is a charitable organization that helps veterans.

Brian Murphy

Brian Murphy from Hallowell, Maine posted a score of 792-32X to win the New Hampshire State Service Rifle championship. He used a combination of a Bartlein Gain Twist barrel with Berger 90 gr. Match Boat Tail bullets (at the 600 yd. line). Brian is a former member of the All Army Reserve Shooting Team.

Shawn Broussard

Pending 600 yard F-Open National Record with a 200-22x
At the 2016 Louisiana State Championships on Oct. 1, 2016

Shawn Broussard
Titan Precision Rifles

Greg Krebaum

Greg Krebaum from Hutchinson, KS (on the right) is shown on the Camp Perry awards stage in early August of 2016. Greg won the high civilian service rifle award (known as the Civilian Club Member’s Trophy) using a Bartlein Gain Twist (13 to 6.5 twist) 20″ barrel. Using the same gun he also won the high standing aggregate (Erdman Trophy) during the NRA National High Power championships. He was awarded a new Bartlein Gain Twist barrel donated by his gunsmith, Joe Carlos, on stage for his national shooting accomplishments. Later in the summer Greg used the same Bartlein Gain Twist barrel to win the Kansas Service Rifle Championship.

Derek Rodgers

Here is some Great News! Your metal work is stellar!! I can’t thank you and your team enough!! Your barrels just keep performing! They make shooting great scores fairly easily.Derek Rodgers

Derek Rodgers set a new pending FTR National Record at 1000 yards with a Bartlein .308 Win barrel while shooting at the Santa Fe Trail LR Regional match in Raton, New Mexico. You can read more about it as well as see more pictures at Daily Bulletin.

Emily Nettesheim

Emily Nettesheim just competed at Lodi, WI at the Mid West Palma Championships. She took High Junior, High Woman and the Marksman Class. Congratulations Emily!

John Campbell

Thank you and every one at your works. I just put a new UK record in 1000 yard bench rest with 10 shot small group 6.496 . And a 40 shot agg group size 9.242. Once again thank you for the barrels. I was using the 195 berger in WSM . at 2920 fps
John Campbell