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We as a team, pride ourselves on our quality of work and products. We strive to be the best in the firearms industry and a world class manufacturer. We have taken Single Point Cut Rifling into the 21st Century.


Manufacturers of Precision Single-Point Cut Rifled Barrels – “On the Cutting Edge of Barrel Technology”

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  • Call for Lead times
  • 50% Deposit on Carbon Fiber Wrapped barrels
  • $150 Deposit on Steel barrels
  • Deposit is non-refundable
    effective March 1, 2021

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From our Customers

Derek Rodgers sets pending FTR National Record at 1000 yards using a Bartlein Barrel. Congratulations Derek!

Here is some Great News! Your metal work is stellar!! I can’t thank you and your team enough!! Your barrels just keep performing! They make shooting great scores fairly easily.Derek Rodgers