AR10 and AR15 barrels

At this time we are not offering drop in barrels for AR15 and AR10 type guns. Why? AR10’s are the hardest thing to offer for drop in barrels. For one to try and get barrel extensions and bolts even in good times can be problematic at best. Also the barrel extensions and bolts will not interchange from one manufacturer to the next. Regardless of what you might have heard that they will they will not. I tell guys at best you have a 50/50 chance that they will work. The DPMS will not interchange with Armalite etc….same goes for Knights Armament. Knights are completely different not to mention different thread specs. Etc….

Also the different contours customers want (light, a medium heavy contour, heavy contour etc…) and now throw in carbine length gas ports, rifle length gas ports, different calibers (and chambers), different twists, c.m. or s.s. barrels, different gas port sizes etc….it would be almost impossible for us to take an order and give a decent turn around time.

Same goes for AR15 barrels but these are not as bad because they would be a .224cal. barrel only for the most part but guys do ask for 6.5 Grendal and some 6mm’s etc…

Your options? We can make you a barrel blank but you need a gunsmith to do all the finish work for you. Turn it to the contour you want, gas port it, thread and chamber, install the barrel extension and crown and even thread the muzzle if need be. If you don’t have a gunsmith to do the work for you I would suggest the following:

For AR15 (.223 caliber barrels) Compass Lake Engineering 850-579-1208

For AR10 barrels or AR15 barrels that are not in .223 caliber or non standard .223rem./5.56mm AR15 barrels call Paul Craddock at Craddock Precision at 309-365-2234.