“T” Style Rifling

Here at Bartlein Barrels, we have the capability to produce rifling twist rates in virtually any combination. Some will call this Gain Twist, Progressive Twist, Incremental Twist, etc….for now we will call it Transitional Rifling or T Style Rifling.

For instance, we can do a .338 barrel starting from a 1-14 twist at the breech and end up at a 1-7 twist at the muzzle, regardless of barrel length. The rifling twist can uniformly increase throughout the entire length of the barrel. This can be used for bullets with driving bands on them.

For a .22 rimfire shooter or a cast lead bullet shooter, we can increase the twist very slowly. As an example, from 1-16.25 at the breech and end with 1-16 at the muzzle, on any length of barrel being made. The rifling machine will automatically calculate out the twist rate over any given length of the barrel.

We can rifle any barrel like the above examples or we can even do it completely custom where we manually enter in what the customer wants for twist per any given dimension/length of barrel. As an example, we can start rifling a barrel and the twist only go .010 for the first 3 inches and for the next 3 inches we can have it increase by another .015 per inch.

In short, we can custom program any twist of rifling into any rifle barrel we make.

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